From the Winemaker

By David Mahaffey

David Mahaffey

What I like to do when I'm not making wine – heading into a big rapid on the Colorado River

I have been making wines in the Napa Valley for 30 years, and have been the winemaker for Heron Lake since its first vintage. My primary goals are to create wines that are balanced, elegant and age beautifully. I think of myself as a craftsman with occasional lucky intuitional leaps into something like art.

Besides being a craftsman in wine, I'm an accomplished woodworker–canoes, guitars, turned bowls and a houseful of furniture. I taught winemaking for a decade at Napa Valley College, regularly lecture about the world of wine, and consult on a variety of wine making projects. I'm the co-inventor and developer of an "ozone for sanitation" system that's now used by over 700 wineries to save water and avoid harsh chemicals.


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