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Julie Newmar 2012 Chardonnay

Julie Newmar 2012 Chardonnay
Wild Horse Valley

This Chardonnay was handcrafted as an homage to Julie Newmar, celebrated film and TV star best known for her memorable role as Catwoman in the 60’s Batman TV series. Julie’s brother John organically farmed the grapes in a majestically wild little corner of Napa called Wild Horse Valley—and Olivia Brion is its only winery. The wine was made by Olivia Brion winemaker David Mahaffey, a master craftsman with over 34 years experience.

The wine is simply stunning—with its silky texture and rich pear, lemon cream, and honeyed flavors that linger in a long leggy finish. Only 100 cases were bottled. A rare and delicious tribute to a living legend!

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